About Us

Clementine and Cocoa is the brainchild of local Mittagong cook Sophia Azara. Her cosy kitchen sits within her home in a neighbourhood known for its sprawling fields, clusters of gum trees and beautiful native Australian wildlife including kangaroos, koalas and echidnas. 

Drawing on generations of creative cooking, sharing food with family, friends and loved ones, Sophia realised the unique pleasure that comes with a bespoke gift, especially when it is edible (and never more so than when it's chocolate!). 

And so, Clementine and Cocoa was born - a culinary company devoted to delivering individualised, delicious morsels that bring unrivalled joy. 


The thrill of receiving a delivery, and opening it to discover a freshly made brownie with a sweet personalised message from a cherished friend or loved one, is second to none, as is the quality of the sweet treats created by Clementine and Cocoa.


Stay tuned for relishes, jams and pickles, to come later in 2020!